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What We Do

We Solve Your Problems.

At IRIS Consulting we offer services and insights that can help you create and maintain a productive and profitable workplace. We understand that each business is as unique as its people. We do not provide off-the-shelf services; instead, all of our services are tailored to suit the issues, needs, and goals specific to you.

To adapt to your specific needs, we provide progressive levels of support. Level of support will vary based on your project needs, size of organization, and budget. 

Level I

After meeting to discuss your needs and identify challenges, we’ll collect data (which may include observing the work environment, interviewing employees, and reviewing relevant documents) and process information in order to identify customized solutions and provide best practices. We’ll pass this knowledge on to your staff and mentor them as needed.

Level II

In addition to Level I support, we will develop customized in-house products or interventions to address your needs. For any products we develop, we will provide thorough documentation to ensure a seamless transition to your team.

Level III

In addition to Level I and Level II support, we will also manage the implementation and assessment of customized products. This includes providing on-going support, revisions, and updates as needed. We will also provide intensive employee training to ensure seamless and effective implementation of all products and services.


Learn more about how we can help. Visit our Expertise page.


Talk to us about your challenges, needs, and ideas and learn how we can transform your business with management solutions built on proven science.

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